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Adam James Bull
Module: Web-Scripting and Content Creation
Tutor(s): Steve Bennett, Rebecca D'Cruz
MSc Computer Science
University of Hertfordshire

Assignment 1:
v1.0 Added simple BMI, Calculator, Hyperlinking and Database functionality.
Folder: MyFirstASPNetWebApp

Assignment 2: Prototype of ASP.NET/VB.NET Website
"BookMeet" is a place where book clubs can meet and plan book club meetings, as well as write book reviews, find out statistics about reading preferences, and get inspiration for future reads.
Folder: bookmeet (this repository has been moved to "oldbookmeet/" and will soon be deprecated)
Progress: Complete
Completion Date: 20th March 2013

Assignment 3: Final Website Commission
In progress.

Folder: /root

Other Folders:
- SQLTest - testing database queries

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